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    Huckleberry Bush

    "Are huckleberries real?" "Are they just blueberries?" "Can I get another slice of huckleberry pie?"

    Those are the top-3 questions we get here at The Huckleberry Patch. Huckleberries are very real. And extremely delicious! Sitting 9 miles West of Glacier National Park, the Huckleberry Patch in Hungry Horse, Montana sits right in the middle of prime huckleberry territory.

    This sweet tart wild berry grows only in moist mountain areas and cannot be commercially grown. Wild berries are not sprayed with chemicals or fertilizers. Berries are hand picked when ripe and processed without artificial colors, flavorings or corn syrup. "Vaccinium" huckleberries are blue-black or blue-reddish, depending upon soil and habitat and grows on a slender shrub 2 - 6 feet high.

    Yes, they are genetically related to Blueberries. In fact "Wild Blueberries" is another common name for huckleberries. But even though their biology may be related, the taste is a world apart! Wild huckleberries are considered the berry with the ideal combination of sweetness and tartness.

    And to answer your 3rd question? Yes, you can get another slice of huckleberry pie!